The International Council of Spiritualists (ICS) are an Australian and International association with a large membership of SPIRITUALIST Churches, Centres, Groups, along with a number of individual Support Members; we have joined together to foster and promote SPIRITUALISM as a religion and philosophy open to everyone who is seeking the True way of life, its truths that remove the fear of death.

Every Member, a member being a church, centre or group along with every financial member of each venue, has equal standing on the council; they are represented by three representative members from each of the member churches, centres or groups; any of the three or all are allowed to attend the meetings of the Council. It is these representatives that make up the “committee” or "Council" of the ICS Inc., each one having equal voice in the administration and running of the ICS Inc. Each member church, centre or group has one vote over all at the meetings or by proxy vote; again irregardless of the size of the church, centre or group.

The ICS Inc., has its OBJECTIVES, AIMS and PURPOSES incorporated in its constitution, which states that above all we wish to pursue the advancement and unification of MODERN SPIRITUALISM as a religion as well as a philosophy and science, so bringing it in to it’s rightful place alongside all other beliefs and religions. Our goal has been furthered by our proclamation of recognition as a religious denomination by the Commonwealth Government, this came into effect on the 3rd of October 1995.This recognition gave SPIRITUALISTS the freedom of choice, concerning religious services for marriages, namings and funerals; with ordained Spiritualist Ministers able to perform these services for them.

The ICS Inc. is one of 3 Pure Spiritualist Denominations in Australia; the others are the VSU & USofA. The difference between the ICS Inc and other Spiritualist Denominations is that the Council is every Member Church, Centre or Group, each with their own individual autonomy of management, but a part of the whole in Religious Status. Each making the polices and decisions in the administration of the denomination, and also implicating and designing how the presentation of the religion of Spiritualism will be bought to the public. It is a joint representation of hundreds of Spiritualist, all who are members of the ICS Inc; by virtue of their membership in a member church, centre or group, they are in fact the, ICS Inc.

With this standing, the ICS Inc. has earned the right to Ordain Spiritualist Ministers; both Pastoral Ministers and those who are afforded Celebrants Numbers. Ordinations can be performed because of our status as a recognized Religious Denomination, with Nominating Authority powers. Celebrants Numbers can be issued by the Nominating Authority Delegate in conjunction with each of the State Registrars. We have an Education Program to train candidates to the Ministry.

The ICS Inc. is also committed and constituted to help all member churches, centres or groups in every viable way. Consisting of help in the establishment, or the continual running of each SPIRITUALIST outlet or venue. What ever is needed, be it advice, manpower or monetary help, all the member church, centre or group has to do is ask. Working together, we can achieve what ever is needed to keep SPIRITUALISM available to all who are seeking its truth’s.

We also have provision for Support Members in our constitution. These are individual people, some with no connection with any one Spiritualist group; who wish to help foster the unity of SPIRITUALISM and bring Spiritualism to as many people as possible.

The ICS Inc. established over ten years ago, an Education Program, the bases of which are Correspondence Courses on ‘Basic Spiritualism’, ‘ Grief Counselling’, ‘An outline for the Counselling of Children’, and ‘Guidelines for being a Spiritualist Minister with the ICS Inc. ‘, these courses are a prerequisite for any Candidate to the Ministry. There is also a system of ACCREDITATION for Speakers, Demonstrators & Healers, available to members of any member church, centre , group or support member.

“Please Join us in our quest”.