Rev. Margaret Moore

President and first Nominating Authority

Many years ago I crossed paths with Reverend Mandy Stone of the Aquarian Spiritualist Centre, Boronia. I was searching for direction for my spiritual growth. Having come out of a ten year marriage 2 years previously, set up a career to sustain a lifestyle for myself and my two sons, Ashley and Nathan, I was now ready to resume my personal spiritual growth. So off I went for a psychic reading from Mandy. Feeling an instant soul connection of rightness, I attended Mandy’s church and development circle to re-open my psychic faith and intuitive directive. Needless to say, Mandy recognising my natural abilities had me up on platform and involved in her church activities in next to no time.

Through Mandy’s connection, I became one of the National Council of Spiritualists (later to become the International Council of Spiritualists Inc.) first certified Healer/Medium members. A Pocket Full of Rainbows was born from those beginnings. Psychic readings had been a source of supplementing my income for quite a few years to survive, but it wasn’t until my commitment to a spiritualist religious body did I teach others to develop their core strength of spirit. Through the grace of the ICS Inc I became a Minister of Religion and Marriage Celebrant.

Through the alignment with a spiritualist religious body I began my healing journey of trust that had been shattered through main stream churches I had sought out to connect to the God Source and my personal life choices.

Today, many years later, my spiritual centre offers people through my higher guidance, a healing path of their past emotional choices to survive, through meditation and development classes, individual spiritual counselling, spiritual readings and spiritual healings.

In August 2011, I left the Lysterfield address and moved A Pocket Full of Rainbows to my home address in Hampton Park where spiritual counselling, readings and healings are now conducted. A meditation/development class is held on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening and this move has assured my continued contribution to sharing the light of spiritualism.

I have served on the executive committee of the ICS Inc, for many years held the position of treasurer which I surrendered to accept the position of Vice President. Even as we have stumbled along the way, both the ICS Inc and I have refined ourselves to best serve the Masters of the Light in the advancement of pure spiritualism.

I look forward to many more years of service, and will endeavour to support the ICS Inc in maintaining its growth and love integrity.

Rev. Margot McNamara

Vice President and Secretary

Rev. Margot McNamara has spent many years travelling her spiritual path.   As a child and later as a young woman she attended Sunday school and conventional church but found that this stream was unable to fulfil her needs and answer questions, so it was later in life that she came to spiritualism but has since made this her way of life.

Margot is the leader of Spiritual Research Society, which is the oldest spiritual group in Victoria.

Margot has studied spiritualism under the guidance of Rev. Carmel Hughes  and later Rev. David Saul.   She now has her own spiritualist healing circle and holds meditation classes.  She helps many of her students and clients with spiritual counselling and is an accredited Chiron Healing® practitioner and teacher.

Margot was the Public Officer for the ICS Inc for many years and in this role and after many changes by the Justice Department in 2012 realigned the ICS Inc rules with statutory regulations.

Margot is now secretary (formerly Public Officer) and Vice President of the ICS Inc.

In 2016 and following the resignation of Rev. David Saul she was appointed to the position of Head of Education for the ICS Inc.

Margot has supported the ICS Inc for many years and hopes to give the association and spiritualism many more productive years.

Daniyela Rob

Administration Officer

Just before my 21st birthday (some 20 years ago) a friend invited me to attend a personal/spiritual development class with Reverend Margaret Moore.  Curious I attended and have been a student of Margaret's and Spiritulism ever since.  I am grateful for having found this path of service and have rediscovered a natural affinity for healing and a deep connection with mother earth.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to study numerous healing modalities: spiritualist healing, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, Chiron healing, magnified healing, flower essence therapy, horticulture and permaculture.  In 2006 I became ICS Treasurer and in 2014 look forward to continuing my work for Spirit as the ICS Administration Officer.

Michelle Gluskie


Bio to follow

Rev. Margaret McGregor

Chief Minister and second Nominating Authority

My background is widely diverse with, a career that was founded in the commercial world of manufacturing clothing.  I started at the bottom learning the different facets of production, from machinist through to production manager, for the largest clothing business in the southern hemisphere.   This part of my working experience was relevant to my future endeavours as at different stages, of this journey, I was involved as a training manager responsible for assisting raw recruits and training them to a standard whereby they could earn a living.  I was also, for many years, a Methods Engineer. This involved setting standards and training operators and cadets in productivity.  Later in this career, I was promoted to production manager of one of the factories with 7 supervisors and 400 operators under my guidance.

During this time, I was also aware that there was more than a practical side to life and I was drawn to spiritual endeavours.  At this stage, it was more curiosity than knowledge.  Years went by and I had a complete role reversal.  I started Holistic Studies in Aromatherapy and health sciences.  Eventually through sustained effort I began to teach these subjects in Australia.  I started the Australian School of Awareness and was approached to teach in the UK, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  I also acted as a consultant for aromatherapy, Australia wide, this continued for 15 to 18 years.

Having such a busy lifestyle also bought with it a mind that was always busy and I suffered insomnia.  I was convinced to try meditation with a local group and my intuition told me there was more to discover and so I attended the Tumberton, in Upwey, meditation group for two years.  I was then made aware of Reverend Mandy Stone’s development group in Boronia.  At this time it was the early days of the ASA and travelling abroad became a part of my routine.  After a couple of years with Rev Stone, developing and learning about spirituality and working on platform I felt I had something to offer others, of a like mind.  So I decided to offer meditation and development and spiritual lessons to those who were searching for inner truth and awareness.  The motto of the Australian School of Awareness is “Development, Healing and Expansion”.  I involved myself in Spiritual Studies and Healing Techniques, Spiritual Healing, Polarity Energy Healing and Holistic Remedial Therapy.  I also developed many course to offer to students under my care.

As the academic course were being bought to a close due to my retirement I worked part time with the aged care for 6 years offering them aromatherapy treatments and comforting and soothing their emotional imbalances.

I studied and attained my Professional Counselling Diploma and Advanced Certificate for Grief Counselling and also Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution.

Although the ASA is still a viable trading name I registered the Halls of Healing Education & Spiritual Centre where I offer healings, spiritual and emotional healing counselling and readings.  Also meditation and development classes are offered on Wednesday evenings.

I have been a part of the ICS for many years and can hopefully offer my services for many more years to come.

Personally I am married with 3 children Susann, Raymond and Kay all of whom have also been introduced to a spiritual way of life.