The following list details all those who have held office in the International Council of Spiritualists since incorporation.


1st Mr. Gordon L. DeVaus

2nd Mr. David L. Saul

3rd Rev. Ray Marsh

4th Rev. Carmel J. Hughes

5th Rev. David L. Saul

6th Rev. Margaret Moore


1st Mr. David. Saul

2nd Rev. Helen Grey

3rd Rev. Ray Marsh

4th Rev. Terry Bartsch

5th Rev. Margaret Moore

6th Rev. Margot McNamara

Administration Officers (formerly Secretaries)

1st Rev. Helen Grey

2nd Rev. Michael Willy

3rd Rev. Lucy Verstagen

4th Rev. Carmel Hughes

5th Miss Hargraves

6th Mr. Chris McGregor

7th Miss Jarni Nancarrow

8th Mr. Robert Clarke

9th Mrs. Jarni Sewell

10th Mr. Robert Clarke

11th Ms. Daniyela Rob


1st Mrs. Val Stanton

2nd Rev. Margaret Moore

3rd Ms Daniyela Rob

4th Ms Michelle Gluskie

Secretaries (formerly Public Officers)

1st Mr. Gordon De Vaus

2nd Mr. Michael Willy

3rd Rev. Ray Marsh

4th Rev. Margot McNamara