Spiritualism is not NEW AGE and as you study the history you will very quickly realise this.

The course itself consists of 5 Modules each with a number of Sections incorporated within them, the headings are as follows:-

Module 1: An introduction to spiritualism

This module involves the study of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, the belief of Life after Death, The re-birth of spiritualism, the beginning of modern spiritualism and Spiritualist Healing. Also included in this module is the “Code of Conduct for ICS Inc. Healers, a short Glossary of Terms Used by Spiritualist and some important dates in the History of Modern Spiritualism. It also includes a reading list.

Module 2: Basic Spiritualism including history

This module covers an Introduction to Spiritualism, along with notes from the bible. It then goes into educating you on the states of mediumship, information on how to run a circle and organised communication.

Module 3: Essay Writing on set study subjects

This module has a set number of essays topics that require you to complete.

Module 4: Public Speaking

Within this module you will learn how to prepare a lecture and how to present that lecture.

Module 5: Final Essay

This module is the setting and completion of the Final Essay, this essay is to have 2000 words or more. The subject is set by Tutors, on the overall results from the rest of the course, and the strong and weak points of the each student; therefore each student may have a different subject. Generally you will be asked to revisit the subjects in this course.

Modules 1, 2 and 4 have a test paper associated with it.


  • “Basic Spiritualism” is a correspondence study course, the goal of this course is to widen your knowledge of True Spiritualism, being true Spiritualists together and to teach you how to enjoy Spiritualism - its history, the science, various forms of correct Mediumship, philosophy, correct presentation and much more. True Spiritualism or Modern Spiritualism commenced in 1848 with the Fox Sisters in Hydesville, New York, that’s where the story begins.
  • The Diploma rewarded after the completion of this course gives the achiever the right to be able to use the title after their name, Dip.BS ICS (Aust)
  • A diploma is issued.

Background Information

Spiritualism under the Nominating Authority of the International Council of Spiritualists Inc., was Government Gazetted on October 3rd, 1995, as a denomination for the purpose of the Marriage Act. This allows members the right to practice the Religion of Spiritualism on equal par with all other denominations in Australia and allows us to set our own education programs re our religion and philosophy.

The Original Facilitator and at that time Principle Tutor for the course, Rev. Joan L. Farrell, is one of the most qualified exponents of Spiritualism in Australia. She has been investigating Spiritualism for a number of years now and is a revered Medium and Speaker with a reputation of accuracy and solid knowledge. This course was reformatted by Rev. David L. Saul, Dip; BS ICS (Aust) and Mrs Jarni Sewell in preparation for its translation into the German language, so that the education of Pastoral Ministers in that Country may continue. Rev. Joan Farrell was well qualified to formulate the original course as she completed her training and education through the SNU in the UK. Still a listed tutor, she and all other recognised ICS Inc. tutors are all experts in their specialised fields and quietly over the past years, they have helped to train our fellowship of Ministers and Pastoral Ministers.


A tutor will be allocated to the student once registration has taken place. The tutor allocated will depend on the tutors’ current student numbers.

  • Rev. David Saul
  • Rev. Margaret Moore
  • Rev. Margot McNamara
  • Rev. Joan Farrell