This course contains much of what was in the retired course titled "Counselling Children" with additions relating to new laws and requirements for mandatory reporting of abuse. The idea of this course is to give the student a basic knowledge of how to act and react towards children and young people in need of help and or advice. You the student are expected to further the study of the subject and verse yourselves in the avenues you would be required to take if ever faced with such situations covered in the course.  There are no test papers, only a written essay of 5000 to 5500 words on the subject


The course is structured as follows:-

Part 1

This section covers a varied set of situations with children and young people who have been or could be being influenced in their behaviour by the interference or intrusion of Spirit Vibrations or Forces. This section looks at some areas of reaction, attitude & behaviour, including trust, rejection and withdrawal, death and separation. Included also is a basic presentation on Schizophrenia.

Part 2

This section looks at a similar set of conditions without the Spirit Interference. Also in the part, the loss or lack of faith has been presented as a special addition.

Part 3

This section is a suppliment distributed by the Social Security Department in 1984 – cover guidelines and rulings on abuse and neglect.

Part 4

Finally this section is a supplement on Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect, issued by the Australian Institute of Family Studies


  • This correspondence course gives a basic outline on the approach that has to be taken when counselling children.
  • A certificate is issued.

Background Information

This forward is issued with the course:

"On behalf of the ICS Inc. I would like to thank Rev. Carmel Hughes for sharing with us the following work. taken from many years experiences of caring and counseling children in very difficult situations and on varies levels of need. The first part of the text is presented as if you where holding a conversation with or about Rev. Carmel Hughes , as if she was telling you of the heart felt situations she has been placed in and as the complier I try to give you a picture of what she was observing, the understanding & conclusions she came to and the achievements that where made.

The presentation is one of extracts related to and taken from life encounters with many children placed in Community Care Services; for an equally varying number of reasons. Your heart will break as mine did, when helping to prepare this course for you to study; but in the end you will be made stronger if not in emotions then certainly in resolute to be there for any child who may need you. Some of the enactments are to allow you the see both sides of the coin and they are in fact taken from case records, worked on by Rev. Hughes [Names have been changed, so that the pledge of confidentiality will not be breached]

There is no better way of learning the art of good counseling than by participation and a part of this text contains skits from true case files that those at the day workshop took part in; it is not sure how you will approach this section of the course, you may just like to read out load to yourself and playing all roles, tape what you are saying so that you can listen to the results later. I will repeat what has just been said; which ever way you choose, you are encouraged to either enact these sketches provide out load, either by yourself, playing all roles, or with others who could benefit from the experience, it is important to tape the play, so that you can listen to it afterwards and learn from the work.

The second part of the text consists of extracts from a information brochure given out in April 1984 by the then Community Welfare Services. The information within this text will I am sure give you a very good grounding of what to look for in cases where you think child neglect or abuse has taken place.

It is hoped that you will enjoy learning from this informative course and that you will be helped in your understanding of handling children in some given situations. We trust you will never be faced with having to help a child in such dire circumstances as the children spoken of here, but no matter what I am such you will fulfill all the obligations that may be place on you. All the very best for your completion of this work and for your future as a Spiritualist Minister."

Rev. David L. Saul


A tutor will be allocated to the student once registration has taken place. The tutor allocated will depend on the tutors’ current student numbers.

  • Rev. Carmel Hughes
  • Rev. Margaret Moore
  • Rev. Margot McNamara
  • Rev. David Saul
  • Rev. Margaret McGregor
  • Rev. Sylvia Thain