The following courses must first be completed before this course can be undertaken: Basic Spiritualism, Counselling Children and Grief Counselling. The student applying to undertake this course needs to be an ordained minister with the ICS. They must be ordained for 12months before applying for a celebrants number and it is recommended in those 12months they complete this course.


The course is structured into 5 Sections and they are listed below:

  • Section 1 introduction, ordination & obligation
  • Section 2 relevant information, the protocols involved, spiritualist church services and the 7 principles of spiritualism.
  • Section 3 Marriages and other types of nuptial services
  • Section 4 Funerals and burials funeral protocol & advise sheet
  • Section 5 Naming services


  • A certificate is issued.

Background Information

This correspondence course came about following a request from the Attorney Generals Department in relationship to the lack of knowledge of the Marriage Act that Ministers of Religion holding Celebrants Numbers had. It contains a good deal of information and instruction and is updated each time an amendment is issued on the subject.

The following is the forward issued with the course:

“This Correspondence Course, now in the format of guidelines of the many aspects in the role of a Spiritualist Minister through the auspices of the ICS Inc. originally was presented, entitled ‘Being a Spiritualist Minister’ by the Rev. H.G.Eldred, in 1996 as a day Seminar, on how to perform a Marriage Ceremony. At that time a Certificate of Attendance was issued to all those who actively took part. The Certificates from this Seminar and those from other such workshops, entitled “Grief and Loss” and “Counselling Children”, contributed towards the qualifications required as a part of the Education Program for candidates to the Ministry. Moving on to 2005 the ICS Inc. has found it necessary to formulate a more comprehensive documented covering the roles Ministers must play and the work involved. Written courses or correspondence courses of these presentations have been written and compiled to facilitate not only those people who have not had access to the ICS Inc. Seminars and Workshops held in Melbourne Victoria, but for all those interested in studying for the Ministry.

Since the original presentation a number of prerequisites and items have been changed or added and some of these are incorporated in this Correspondence Course. Not the lesser of these is the new regulations from the Attorney-General’s Department, for Registered Ministers of Religion holding a celebrant’s number or candidates vying for ordination and then wishing to apply for celebrant’s numbers. The request has also been issued from that same department for all Ministers and candidates to have a greater understanding of the Handbook for Marriage Celebrants. As this manual contains 31 pages of the Definition of Marriage and Solemnisation of Marriage in Australia and Overseas, plus 70 odd pages of the Marriage Act 1961, 38 pages of Marriage Regulations and an equal number of pages of Appendices and Specimen Forms, it will be impossible to cover all within this course. An attempt has been made to present as much as will be required immediately, for you to understand the responsibility that will be placed on you as a Minister of Religion holding a Celebrants Number, as opposed to the Pastoral Ministers of the ICS Inc. who have no authority to perform marriages. [You are advised to purchase a copy of the Handbook as soon as possible.]

Further additions to the original presentation are extra Services and Ceremonies you could be expected to perform, over and above straightforward Marriages, Funerals and Namings. These included, Renewal of Vows and Commitment between same sex couples, under the first category, Transitions, Internment or the Scattering of Ashes and the burials for Pets, under the second category. Namings are not only for children therefore Adult Namings have been covered in this course.

You could be asked to perform a Rite of Passage Ceremony or a Divorce Ceremony these have also been briefly covered.

There are many more matters you will have to attend to as Minister with the ICS Inc. most matters are covered in this course. Time will be your best teacher as I am sure you already know. When you have completed this course you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion, which will be legally recognised as a part of the Education Program through the ICS Inc. for any candidate for the Ministry. All that remains is for me to wish you well in your studies.”

Rev. David L. Saul - Chief Minister & Nominating Authority Delegate for the ICS Inc.


  • Rev. David Saul
  • Rev. Margaret Moore