Support Membership

The third form of membership “Support Membership” came about in February 1999, after the Council realized fully the commitment and aims of the denomination; which was to make Spiritualism available to everyone wishing to pursue its truths. It was recognised that some individuals waned to investigate Spiritualism without being members of any one church, centre or group, but still needing the protection and guidance of an authority on all aspects of Spiritualism the religion.

Our Aims were furthered when on the 3rd of October 1995 we were gazetted as a denomination for the purpose of the Marriage Act; giving us equal standing with all other religions in Australia likewise recognized. As soon as was possible single” Support Membership” came into being.

The definition of ‘Support Membership” is as follows:

“Support Member” means an individual natural person who has agreed to give support to the objects and purposes of the Association and shall enjoy privileges of membership of the Association and shall be eligible to have voice at any Annual General Meeting, but shall not be eligible to vote at any meeting of the Association nor be elected to the council of the Association.

A Support Member as defined in the rules should have studied and supported Spiritualism for 12 months or more.

Entitlements of Support Members

They may attend the AGM each year and may have a voice in the proceedings, however they may not vote.

They may apply to study any of the Courses in the ICS Inc. Education Program and receive the appropriate Certificates or Diploma upon completion. Any Course taken through a Denomination is considered as a recognised education standard or qualification

The same as any financial member of a member church, centre or group; they can apply for Accreditation as a Healer, Demonstrator or Speaker. If their qualifications are accepted they will receive an Accreditation Card and if necessary a letter of recognitions. Because they are members of a religious denomination they are covered by the umbrella of the ICS Inc; the same as any other member of a member church, centre or group is covered and they may practice the rites of their religion; e.g. Spiritualist Healing and Mediumship for the giving of evidence that leads to proof of survival of bodily death.

They may be considered for eligibility for the Special Pastoral Ministry granted by the denomination when warranted and as stated by the rules.

Reminder: To gain membership with the ICS Inc, you will need sponsorship from 2 existing member church/centre/groups. Alternatively, if you are not known to two members of the the ICS Inc. you must supply 3 Letters of Recommendation from 3 separate persons of standing in your community whom you have known for at least 3 years. This is in accordance with our Incorporate Rules.

Membership Enquiry

To enquire about this type of membership go to the Membership Enquiry page. Complete the form, selecting "Support membership" as the Membership Type.