Membership for Support Member Groups or Spiritualist Venues

The second type of membership is entitled "Support Member Group or Spiritualist Venue". This kind of membership came into being due to the ratio ruling in the ICS Inc; rules which states the membership ratio of member church, group or centre is set at a minimum of 65% Australian membership and a maximum of 35% Overseas membership. This rule was adopted after the demand for overseas membership outnumbered that of Australian applicants and the Council became aware of the fact that due to the Laws of Incorporation and our awarded status as a Denomination issued through the Attorney Generals Department required the administration, running and control of the Denomination must remain in Australia to be able to retain its standing and be covered legally.

The interpretation of this member group is as follows:

"Support Member Group or Spiritualist Venue" means a group or operating Spiritualist Venue whose members have agreed to give support to the objects and purposes of the Association and shall enjoy privileges of membership of the Association and shall be eligible to have voice at any Annual General Meeting but shall not be eligible to vote at any meeting of the Association nor be elected to the Council of the Association.

As ratio numbers change those holding this membership will become entitled to become full members of the association when a position becomes available the acceptance to full membership is automatic to the first on the list – if that "Support Member Group or Spiritualist Venue" so requests full membership if not the next in line will be offered the choice.

The Administration Officer can provide further information on this matter.

The definition of a support member group or Spiritualist venue for the purpose of joining is as follows:-

A support member group or Spiritualist venue shall have presented the teachings of Spiritualism and supported Spiritualism for twelve months or more and

  • Have a name incorporating the word Spiritualist or Spiritualism &
  • be administered by a nominated Leader &
  • have a Bank Account in the centre or group, name &
  • have ten [10] or more members.

Reminder: To gain membership with the ICS Inc, you will need sponsorship from 2 existing member church/centre/groups. This is in accordance with our Incorporate Rules.

Membership Enquiry

To enquire about this type of membership go to the Membership Enquiry page. Complete the form, selecting "Support group, spiritualist venue" as the Membership Type.